One being, they both had great comebacks this week.
27 Apr 2017 - 1:39 PM  UPDATED 27 Apr 2017 - 1:39 PM

There might not seem to be much in common between MOMOLAND and SNUPER on the surface, but the two groups do share some similarities...

They’re both rookies with growing fanbases, and they both work exclusively with one producer each. Duble Sidekick, who actually created MOMOLAND, is behind the girls’ music, while Sweetune has done all of SNUPER’s singles so far.

MOMOLAND’s latest effort “Wonderful Love” has a different sound to their debut, "Joon! Koong! Kwang!". The latter was cute and quirky in an early Dal Shabet kind of way, while “Wonderful Love” is more streamlined and refreshing to match current girl group trends. The uplifting pop tune follows the usual formula of soaring strings and girly lyrics about young love, but it all comes together surprisingly well. The chorus has a big, cinematic quality to it, and the song’s sillier, more saccharine moments (like “luck is in my pocket, let’s shoot it like a rocket!”) are quite charming.

Like MOMOLAND, SNUPER have also changed their approach recently. Originally known for their sugary sweet style, the boys made a dramatic transformation with November’s INFINITE-esque “It’s Raining.” They’ve kept the more mature style for their new single “Back:Hug,” which might be the best thing they’ve ever done.

“Back:Hug” is officially billed as tropical house, but it’s far from the generic version of the genre that’s been so prevalent in K-pop lately. Instead, Sweetune effortlessly weaves tropical elements in and out of the song, along with the usual ‘80s dance beats and signature synths that have become Sweetune’s trademark. Sweetune is usually so focused on retro styles that their songs can almost lack some contemporary appeal, but “Back:Hug” is the most modern and nonlinear thing that they’ve done in a long time.

Hopefully, “Back:Hug” will give SNUPER their big break in Korea. The boys are already on the rise, with their album sales steadily increasing and a successful advancement into Japan. Meanwhile, MOMOLAND are also receiving more attention these days after appearing on some variety shows and adding two new members to their lineup. Good luck to both groups!

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