Harley Quinn, Tracer and a cute lil’ six-year-old Rey walk into a convention centre...
1 May 2017 - 3:36 PM  UPDATED 1 May 2017 - 3:36 PM

There’s no punch line, it’s just what happened this weekend at Supanova when cosplayers, comic book fans and sci-fi savants assembled at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds in Flemington.

Supanova brought together an impressive list of talent for the convention, including the original brooding vampire boyfriend (sorry Edward, you ain’t got nothing on this guy), David Boreanaz.

Best known for his role as Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the title spin-off series, Boreanaz recently finished wrapping the twelfth and final season of TV crime series Bones as Agent Seeley Booth. In Boreanaz’ first panel on Saturday, the fans seemed split pretty evenly between ‘Scoobies’ in Sunnydale High t-shirts, and ‘Squints’ dressed up as Bones.

Boreanaz talked about his upcoming, as-yet-untitled Navy Seals television project, and also found himself embroiled in a dispute about the bitter rivalries between Melbourne’s AFL teams. FYI, in the end he picked the GWS Giants as his team because their colours - orange and black - are also the colours of his ice hokey team, the Philadelphia Flyers.

Natalie Dormer appeared at Supanova on Sunday – a Melbourne exclusive – taking a quick break from filming the upcoming Australian mini-series Picnic at Hanging Rock. Dormer, who has appeared in Game of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell, The Hunger Games as Cressida, The Tudors as Anne Boleyn, Elementary as Irene Adler – not to mention that rad Hozier music video – was as eloquent and charismatic as her characters often are.

When asked about her tendency to portray strong female characters, she said that when she started acting her “manifesto was, ‘I need to pay my bills’,” but also spoke ardently about female representation in film and television.

Dormer also revealed her own geeky proclivities, such as a passion for old and musty castles in the UK, and the fact that she has a tattoo of a sci-fi quote. The line in question is from Frank Herbert’s Dune. And when asked what character she would pick to play in any remake, she didn’t want to jinx it by saying anything, but our money’s on a member of the Bene Gesserit, the intellectual and powerful sisterhood in the Dune universe.

Another Melbourne exclusive star was Lee Majors, a.k.a The Six Million Dollar Man. Younger attendees would probably be more likely to recognise him as Ash’s father, Brock Williams, in the hit comedy-horror Ash vs Evil Dead.

Australian legend John Jarratt – he of the terrifying laugh in Wolf Creek, in which he plays outback serial killer Mick Taylor – took to the stage to discuss what Wolf Creek fans have to look forward to from the franchise in the next few years. One fan shared a story, from a previous convention, where John Jarratt encountered her in an abandoned stairwell and did the laugh (you know, the one that sounds like a “rutting wombat”). Jarratt’s response was that he frequently likes to scare fans, so couldn’t actually remember that specific incident. Like we said: Australian legend.

Audiences were also able to attend panels with some of Australia’s raddest women writing fantasty and sc-fi young-adult fiction, including Maria Lewis, Jodi McAlister and Marlee Jane Ward. The follow-up to Ward’s Welcome to Orphancorp – titled Psynode – was also available at Supanova two days before its official release. (Hot tip: I read it while waiting in line to get Natalie Dormer’s autograph, and it’s just as impressive as the first in the series, babes.)

There are always sneak peek screenings at Supanova, and this year fans were treated to clips from Blue World Order, The Osiris Child and Cleverman, where it was announced that Ryan Griffen and Wolfgang Bylsma would also be writing a Cleverman comic – possibly the single greatest piece of news to come out of Supanova this year.

tl;dr – just make sure you’re there next year.

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