Let's celebrate I.O.I's far-too-short career by taking a look at some of their best moments!
4 May 2017 - 11:31 AM  UPDATED 4 May 2017 - 11:31 AM

I.O.I may be gone from the stage, but they certainly aren't gone from our hearts.

To mark the one year anniversary of their debut, we've decided to take a trip down memory lane and revisit 11 of the best I.O.I moments.

11. Meeting the group for the 1st time on Produce 101

Produce 101 had many tension-filled weeks over who will make the final cut, but in the end, we got to meet the girls who made it to I.O.I!

10. The release of Produce 101's "Pick Me"

Okay, so this isn't technically a I.O.I single, but "Pick Me" proved to be so popular that literally EVERYONE knew how to dance to it - even the likes of BIGBANG and BTS!

9. Their pre-release track "Crush"

While K-pop fans waited excitedly for I.O.I's official debut, the girls decided to drop an early present for everyone by releasing a re-recorded version of the Produce 101 finale song "Crush." That only set the stage for the awesomeness that was to come for the next few months...

8. The release of their awesome 1st MV - "Dream Girls"

Sure we fell in love with them on "Produce 101," but "Dream Girls" catapulted the girls to the next level!

7. The release of their brilliant follow-up MV, "Whatta Man"

How do you follow-up an awesome track like "Dream Girls"? You release an equally-awesome song like "Whatta Man!"

6. Their 1st appearance on "Weekly Idol"

I.O.I were missing a few members for this, but the remaining girls more than made up for it by giving it their all in the various "Weekly Idol" shenanigans! Speaking of "Weekly Idol"...

5. Their 2x Speed dance of "Whatta Man"

No "Weekly Idol" visit would be complete without an attempt at a 2X speed dance challenge, and I.O.I wowed everyone with their moves!

4. The release of the eye-catching "Very Very Very"

With the release of "Very Very Very," that's 3 awesome songs in a row and it seemed like I.O.I could do no wrong!

3. Their very 1st music show win

Many smiles and cheers were had, and far too many tears of joy were shed - mainly from us!

2. Their final concert

With their time together nearing the end, I.O.I went out in the best way possible - by staging a fantastic final concert.

1. Their heartfelt goodbye track

We're still getting over their goodbye...


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