OMG yes! Please come visit us, K.A.R.D!
4 May 2017 - 11:53 AM  UPDATED 5 May 2017 - 9:11 AM

Rising co-ed group K.A.R.D are currently busy on their American tour, but the boys and girls managed to find the time to have a chat to fans on Reddit!

In a super-popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread, K.A.R.D answered a heap of fan questions that ranged a variety of topics, such as their K-pop friends (they're friends with gugudanTWICE, and SEVENTEEN!), who eats the most (it's J.Seph!), how many times BM dabs a day (apparently "at least 20"), and future concepts (they really want to try something R&B related, or just something new and awesome).

But perhaps the most interesting moment we found from the AMA is when a fan asked when K.A.R.D are coming to Melbourne, to which J.Seph replied with a promising "We definitely want to go! Hopefully soon!".

It may not be a confirmed yes, but we'll take J-Seph's answer as a "sure - very soon"!

While we have our fingers crossed for K.A.R.D to take a trip Down Under in the future, let's get prepped for the group by revisiting their chat with us:


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