JackJoon/RapSon/NamSon for the win!
5 May 2017 - 12:47 PM  UPDATED 28 Aug 2017 - 5:39 PM

and BaekhyunG-Dragon and TaeyangJungkook and YugyeomJin and food. These are some of the most memorable bromances in recent memory. However, there's one bromance that's been bubbling under that we think deserves some attention - BTSRap Monster and GOT7's Jackson!

They are both charismatic and talented, and both can communicate with each other in multiple languages, so it almost makes perfect sense that Rap Monster and Jackson are great pals.

So without further ado, here are 9 reasons why Rap Monster and Jackson are the next great bromance.

9. That time when Rap Monster confessed that he would like to appear on "Celebrity Bromance" with Jackson

To be fair, who wouldn't want to appear on "Celebrity Bromance" with Jackson?

Check out Rap Monster's confession at the 11:30 mark:

8. That time Jackson got bored on "Taste Of Others" and decided to give Rap Monster a call

Must be nice being that "friend" who Jackson calls when he gets bored!

7. They send each other goofy messages

As best friends are known to do, Jackson and Rap Monster send each other weird and goofy messages all the time! Here's one memorable exchange:

Here's a translation of their weird convo:

CAPTION: My lovely friend, Jackson

Jackson: What are you doing, really … that’s too much
Rap Monster: *censored* jackson
Rap Monster: hehe
Rap Monster: What are you doing, really … that’s too much
Jackson: I know as well

6. They support each other during comebacks

When they're not sending each other weird messages and photos, Rap Monster and Jackson are full of support for one another during comebacks and new album releases.

Here's a translation of this short but sweet Tweet from Rap Monster - "Jackson.. you came back.. fighting!"

5. That time Jackson appeared on "Problematic Men" because Rap Monster asked him

When a friend asks for some help, you do what Jackson did for Rap Monster when the BTS leader was asked to invite a friend - drop everything and go do it! The best part? Everyone on the cast thought Rap Monster's guest was a girl group member!

4. ... Which lead to a one-sided rap battle between the two.

With Jackson proclaiming that he is merely "someone who raps" as opposed to a rapper, this was always going to end in one way - with in Rap Monster's favour and with Jackson pleading for no disses!

3. That time when GOT7 and BTS had an awesome collaboration stage at the MAMAs

Something special will always happen when you get two groups like GOT7 and BTS on stage, and no one was disappointed with their collaboration stage at the 2015 MAMAs.

And this lead to some good old-fashioned backstage goofing around afterwards!

2. They have no problem messing around with each other

After Jackson greets the BTS members backstage at "M!Countdown" during their "Blood, Sweat, & Tears" comeback, Rap Monster tries to slip by unassumingly, only for Jackson to grab him and ask (lightheartedly) "Why are you always so cold to me?" After a quick protest, Rap Monster then admits that Jackson is indeed nicer than him before leaving for the stage!


1. But at the end of the day, both Rap Monster and Jackson are pals through and through!

Just putting out there, this could be one of the greatest bromances ever!


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