FNC Entertainment have not yet responded to these AOA and Choa rumours.
5 May 2017 - 9:54 AM  UPDATED 5 May 2017 - 9:55 AM

Following a period of relative silence from AOA's Choa, who hasn's been seen participating in any activity since March 11, rumours have surfaced that the singer may be leaving the group. 

AOA performed at the "25th Yeoncheon Jeonggok-ri Paleolithic Festival" on May 3, and fans quickly noticed that Seolhyun and Choa weren't present. While it is known that Seolhyun was unable to join due to other commitments, the reasons behind Choa's absence is unknown.

The rumours gained further steam when fans noticed some changes and new posts across the various social media platforms for AOA and its members.

Not only has the link to Choa's Instagram been deleted from AOA's Naver profile, but fans have noticed that the singer hasn't been active on her Instagram for over 14 weeks.

In addition to Choa's silence, recent posts from her fellow AOA members have also thrown more fuel into the rumour flame. Yuna recently posted up a screenshot of the lyrics to IU's "Ending Scene," specifically "I sincerely wish it. You have the right to be happier." Furthermore, Mina also shared a message on Instagram that simply read "Hold on tight. It'll pass."

FNC Entertainment have not issued out a response to these rumours at the time of writing, so stay tuned for any updates and announcements. 


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