Tbh the mum-o-meter should be a legitimate and accepted measure of a drama’s performance.
9 May 2017 - 10:30 AM  UPDATED 9 May 2017 - 10:30 AM

It can get lonely watching all those dramas by yourself, sometimes you just need someone next to you. Someone you can laugh with over silly comedy scenes, someone to cry with when nothing's going right for your fave couple, and of course someone to squeal with whenever your faves do something cute...There’s just something about watching dramas with your mum that makes it feel all the more special.

Here are 5 reasons why mums make the best drama-buddies:

1. Their reactions can be as entertaining as the drama itself  

There’s something special about being able to see your mum cackling and wheezing to a funny K-drama scene that you both love. Whether your mum is a K-drama veteran, or you’re showing her dramas for the first time, you’ll both end up collapsed on the floor from laughing too hard and wiping tears from you’re your eyes. There’ll probably be many questions about what’s happening or why the two leads aren’t together yet as well, and that’s all just part of the fun.


2. They can pull moral stories out of any drama

Mums all have some crazy ability to pull life lessons out of anything, like the way groceries are arranged in a shopping bag, and of course to k-dramas. Your mum enlightens you to all the hidden, and probably not intentional or even existent, messages behind everything you’ve ever seen in a K-drama. You may learn that you should never give up on the person that you love (in a non crazy obsessive way of course). Irrespective of the message, having Mum as a drama-buddy will bring new meaning to your binge-watching sessions. 

3. How they react to a drama is a good indicator about whether it’ll be good or bad

Excessive amounts of the previously mentioned cackling and wheezing from laughter is usually a good indication about whether the drama is a good watch - on the mum-o-meter. Silence and a permanently raised eyebrow, on the other hand, might be a good indication that the drama doesn’t have much promise. The highest approval rating from my mum-o-meter was for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – I could really tell the drama was going to be good because I had to pause it in order to ensure mum didn’t miss out on important things because she couldn’t stop laughing. You know how they say mothers always seem to know everything? Yeah, well that seems to be true when it comes to K-dramas too. Mums just seem to have some magical sixth sense and can sniff out the good dramas, so you won’t be wasting your sixteen or more hours of life watching a series that ends unsatisfactorily. Thanks mum. 

4. Mums can have years of drama-watching experience that you didn’t even realise

Don’t just quickly assume you’re the resident drama-watching expert in the family because mums can have years of solid drama-watching under their belts. I know, shocking. Your mother, could be a closet drama addict who’s watched even more dramas than you. I know that’s certainly true in my case. With this drama watching expertise comes great knowledge – my mum, for example, can pinpoint whether the romance in a drama is going to drag on for ages, can tell who the villain is that's going to try and tear them apart, and figure out plot twists before they’re even introduced, in the first episode. All you need to be careful about when watching with these legends is that they don’t watch ahead of you!

5. Making drama references with your mum is the best thing ever   

One of my favourite things to do after getting home is yelling ‘EOMMAAAAA’ at the top of my lungs and hearing my mum replying to me likewise with a K-drama inspired phrase. And it doesn’t stop there. When you get your mum to be your drama-buddy you’ll open up a whole new world of opportunities to make funny inside jokes and do cute things together. Everything from yummy bibimbap feed sessions to re-enacting iconic romance scenes in your favourite dramas.

So grab your face masks, queue your latest drama series and settle in for a cute binge-watching session with mum. Happy early Mother’s Day!  

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