That's one way to catch 'em all...
8 May 2017 - 12:55 PM  UPDATED 8 May 2017 - 2:22 PM

One minute you're a dancing Pikachu, the next you're getting tackled by 6 suited men. That just about sums up the latest viral video that's been making the rounds in the past day or so.

At the recent Pokemon World Festival 2017 in South Korea, one of the acts was a choreographed dance featuring a number of performers wearing inflated Pikachu costumes. Now, this would normally not be grounds for a viral video anyway, but when the lead Pikachu started deflating, everything went from audience delight to viral sensation.

As soon as the event's handlers noticed that the star Pikachu started deflating like a balloon, they quickly rushed onstage and took the performer off stage. On paper, it makes sense to get the deflating Pikachu off-stage ASAP; on practice, it was equal parts surreal and amusing to see suited men handle a giant Pikachu like a football.

The saddest (and second most amusing) part of the incident was the attempt to get the deflating Pikachu back onstage, only for the song to finish, thus dashing the dreams of the saddest looking Pikachu we've ever seen.

Words can't describe how jarringly hilarious it was seeing a deflating Pikachu getting tackled and taken off the stage by suited men, so definitely check out the hilarious video right here (the tackling happens at the 1:00 mark) and let us know what you think.


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