We’ve ranked some of the best VIXX singles ahead of the boys’ comeback! What are yours?
9 May 2017 - 11:09 AM  UPDATED 9 May 2017 - 11:09 AM

Since debuting in 2012, VIXX have carved out a unique spot for themselves in the boy band scene. VIXX are a distinctly unique group with their theatrical, beastly image and synthesized electronica sound. With the boys set to return on May 15, I’ve put together a list of what I believe to be their 7 best singles.

7. The Closer

VIXX went to great efforts to mix things up in 2016. They released the funky “Dynamite” and dramatic ballad “Fantasy,” but “The Closer” was the best thing to come out of their Conception trilogy. It showed an evolution for the band, while still retaining their theatrical flair and signature synths. It also featured some of Ravi’s more aggressive, rapid-speed rapping ever, which is another reason to love it.

6. Rock Ur Body

Just like “Super Hero,” the fun and funky “Rock Ur Body” was released just before VIXX debuted their dark sound and concept. Despite this, it still has a lot of the same production elements as their edgier material, it’s just much brighter and lighter. VIXX returned to this style years later on “Dynamite,” which became another hit for the band.

5. Voodoo Doll

After sticking to pop and electronica for the early part of their career, “Voodoo Doll” marked the first time that VIXX tried a harder, hi-NRG style. The harder EDM sound was a perfect match for VIXX’s monstrous image and “Voodoo Doll” became the first of many dancier tracks that the boys would go on to release over the next few years.

4. Chained Up

I usually prefer VIXX’s music from the first half of their career, but 2015’s “Chained Up” is one of the exceptions. The boys toned down the harder EDM style and returned to pop for this sexy track, which features one of their catchiest choruses and hottest music videos ever.

3. Super Hero

VIXX’s first single still stands as one of their finest. The synthpop “Super Hero” was released before the boys settled on a darker image that’s become their signature, so it’s interesting to see what they could’ve become if the song had been a hit upon release (it peaked at No. 112 on Gaon).

2. G.R.8.U.

With it’s fuzzy guitars and synthesized pop-rock sound, “G.R.8.U.” is unlike most of the songs in VIXX’s discography. It’s also one of their best-selling singles. The group have tried to switch their sound up a bit over the past year with songs like “Fantasy,” but sometimes I think they should’ve just gone back to this style instead.

1. On and On

“On and On” is a memorable VIXX release for many reasons. It was the group’s first hit after their previous releases all failed to crack the top 100, and it marked the birth of their now signature beastly image. It’s the first ‘dark’ VIXX single and still the best, with a totally killer chorus and an incredible use of auto-tune that brings an otherworldly feel to the music that perfectly matches the demonic image the boys were starting to push.

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