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Want to have the best Japanese hot tub experience ever? Eat Your Kimchi have got you covered!
9 May 2017 - 2:09 PM  UPDATED 9 May 2017 - 2:10 PM

From the food to the lovely sights, Japan has many things to do for tourists. One of the things that most travellers have to do when in the country is experiencing the comfort of a proper Japanese onsen. For the best hot tub experience, Eat Your Kimchi recommend skipping over those public baths and getting a private onsen!

For Martina's birthday, Simon decided to surprise her by taking her on a trip to Hakone, an area best known as an onsen haven that's located two hours away from Tokyo. After a romantic train trip, the duo finally arrived at their hotel room - which had a private onsen.

There was a reason why Simon and Martina hired a private onsen; the couple have tattoos and the Japanese still aren't entirely comfortable with seeing tattoos and thus won't allow tattooed people into public onsens. Having said that though, it appears that perceptions are slowly changing and the tattoo ban is letting up on a few onsen locations around the country.

Moving back to the onsen experience, private onsens are perfect for those who are a bit shy and want some privacy. That being said, Simon opines that the best way to experience an onsen is trying one that's outside and open to the Winter weather. The contrast between the winter air and the hot waters provides the most interesting - and comfortable - onsen experience, one that Simon and Martina highly recommend.

The duo do have one word of warning though - Keep an eye on any flying bugs that may sting you, or you will end up like Simon and get stung on his poor butt!

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