Best. Overwatch. Update. Ever.
9 May 2017 - 10:21 AM  UPDATED 9 May 2017 - 10:23 AM

It goes without saying that Sana's "shy shy shy" from TWICE's "Cheer Up" MV was THE dance move of 2016, and now this soon-to-be-legendary move has made its way to one of the most popular video games going around at the moment - Overwatch.

In a brilliant new update from Blizzard, Overwatch's super-popular Korean video gamer/mech pilot character D.Va has been given a new series of emotes taken directly from TWICE's "Cheer Up" dance, specifically the "shy shy shy". Perhaps the best part of this new addition is that D.Va uses these emotes as a taunt rather than a celebration, which will undoubtedly add an extra, hilarious edge to all matches.

Unfortunately, D.Va's "shy shy shy" taunts are only available on Heroes of the Storm and not the actual Overwatch game. Having said that though, we would not be surprised to see D.Va's "shy shy shy" taunt make its way to Overwatch at some point given how popular this new emote has become within the K-pop and Overwatch communities.

Check out D.Va performing the "shy shy shy" right here at the 5:56 mark, and try not to get swept up in this brilliant mix of Overwatch and K-pop.


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