Red Velvet and TWICE fans are going to be sharing the same section.
11 May 2017 - 12:02 PM  UPDATED 11 May 2017 - 12:06 PM

Tickets for the 2017 K-pop Dream Concert are about to go on sale soon, and this year's event is shaping up to be an epic festival thanks to an awesome line-up that features EXOSHINee's TaeminRed VelvetTWICESEVENTEENBTOBVIXX and more. However, the newly released fan seating plan for the event has received some mixed comments from netizens.

Over on the K-pop forums, fans have expressed concerns over several overlapping seats for various K-pop fandoms, such as Red Velvet fans sharing sections with TWICE fans and BTOB fans needing to share with Taemin fans. There were also fan concerns over what appears to be an uneven distribution of seats between fandoms, such as April receiving more seats than TWICE and Red Velvet.

Here's the seating chart in question:

Here's a translation of the seating chart:

Black - EXO (W-S till N-K)

Dark Blue - BTOB (W-X till S-J)

Purple - VIXX (W-L/M and W-E/F)

Brown - Leeteuk (MC) (N-C till N-D)

Orange - Gugudan (S-B)

Dark Yellow - PRISTIN (W-C/D)

Pink - Red Velvet/TWICE (W-G till S-A)

Sky Blue - Taemin (W-T till S-G)

Light Purple - Seventeen (W-K till N-F)

Light Green - NCT127/Dream (W-B till N-C)

Yellow - ASTRO (N-D till N-E)

Grey - APRIL (S-C till S-D)

Oh My Girl (S-A till S-B)

Various netizens have commented on the 2017 Dream Concert seating arrangement, some of whom aren't too happy about how everything is shaping up:

  • Didn't some kind of mess happen last year or probably every year.

  • So April has more seats than Twice or Red Velvet...? O.O
  • TWICE and EXO are the 2 main groups for dream concert yet they give them a sharing seating chart with red velvet ? lmao T - J should be for ONCEs.

  • Mess at the nation's gg having small seats in the first place.
  • Yikes at Taemin getting these few blocks
    And why the hell are they seating both Twive and RV together? 

  • So many questions. Why so many overlapping and why do NCT overlap that much? Why is RV and Twice sharing esp since out of all the girl groups going. They have the bigger fandom..... this is all so weird, and messy asf. 

What are your thoughts on the seating arrangements for the 2017 Dream Concert?


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