And find out which J-Pop boy band just beat out BTS on the singles chart this week.
12 May 2017 - 9:43 AM  UPDATED 12 May 2017 - 9:43 AM

With a focus on the big J-Pop developments in this week’s SBS PopAsia J-Pop roundup…


Life has been pretty good for the rock band RADWIMPS over the past year. That’s what happens when you soundtrack the most successful anime film of all time. The group isn’t resting on their accomplishments from the last 12 months, though, and have shared the video for new single “Sennou.” Musically, the song moves away from the anthemic zone of the “Your Name” soundtrack in favour of thumping passages followed up by rapid-fire speak-sing stretches. The clip, meanwhile...has a lot going on, including roses being thrown about and dudes in face paint. Watch below.

Piko Taro makes a special cameo!

Surely, you remember Piko Taro? He has a pen, he has an apple, etc. He’s been basking in the spotlight since going viral last year, popping up in commercials and on TV shows surprisingly regularly for a guy who recorded a minute-long song. But now he’s appeared somewhere really unexpected — K-Pop cyclone PSY’s new video for “I LUV IT.” Pay close attention and see if you can spot him (it really shouldn’t be that hard, he’s the one in leopard print).


The biggest album to come out this week was Gesu No Kiwame Otome’s. Let’s give a little shine to that unit’s bassist Masao Wada, whose project DADARAY released one of the better earworms of the week. That group’s “Woman Woman” is a zippy bit of jazz-inspired rock, anchored by dueling female vocals. Check it out below.


One for the metal-heads out there. Long-running Japanese trio Boris announced they will release a new album in July, titled Dear. For those unfamiliar with the band, they’ve created some of the best rock albums out of Japan over the past two decades (grab Pink if you get the chance), and some very heavy live shows. Listen to new song “Absolutego” here.

Chart News

Always exciting when the Oricon Charts have a close contest for the top spot. On the singles side, Nagoya-based boy band Mag!c Prince (there is a star in there somewhere, but just use your imagination) just edged out K-Pop heavyweights BTS with this song. The album ranking was far less competitive, with the group Kis-My-Ft2 breezing to number one with their latest album.

Video of the Week

Etsuko Yakushimaru shared a simple but eye-grabbing clip for her 2016 number “I’m Humanity” earlier this week. Just keep watching, and enjoy the subtle (and not so subtle) mutations.

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