Some *totally* sure-fire ways to tell if he’s into you.
15 May 2017 - 11:43 AM  UPDATED 15 May 2017 - 12:03 PM

Romance is often front and centre in K-dramas. We stick out 16-to-20 hours of tension between the main leads to experience those small moments of sweetness with lengthy eye-contact and heart-melting cheesy lines. The amount of romantic encounters covered in K-dramas make them a great repository on the topic of love, albeit not necessarily realistic stories of love. So, instead of aiming to imitate the grand romances of the drama world, we can learn how to pinpoint the signs of blooming romantic interest from them, and spend less time agonising over whether those ~feelings~ are mutual.

Read on for some totally sure-fire ways to tell if he’s into you.

Disclaimer: The author’s knowledge of love is limited to what's been viewed in K-dramas, and may not be an accurate representation of reality.

1. He gets really weird if you’ve dressed up and look prettier than usual

Before you start getting too self-conscious about how you look, just consider that maybe your guy is feeling a tad overwhelmed by how absolutely stunning and gorgeous you look. In this classic K-drama scenario, the guy would typically be low-key grumpy, and growl, "why are you dressed up so nice?" or something along those lines, which could be a sign of his jealousy, because in his mind he doesn’t want others to be able to bask in your beauty and amazingness.

Other actions that might happen by this definitely-interested-in-you-guy would be making you wear his super massive coat to cover you up, or excessive reddening of the face because he can’t deal with how good you look. 

2. He always wants to hang out with you. Like always

It’s pretty normal for people to want to hang out together – it’s called socialising - and is a pretty important part of the human experience. However, when someone is always wanting to spend time with you, they’re either A) your parents, or B) someone who is so hopelessly in love with you.  If you’re having trouble sussing out his intentions, just look at Joon Hyung from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo as a point of reference of a very cute category B. 

3. He does things for you that you could have easily done yourself

While some things like opening the door for you, or getting you a glass of water, are pretty normal, if a guy starts going the extra mile, it could be a sign that something is up - according to K-drama logic.

Everything is an opportunity for your admirer to subtly convey their chivalry and feelings – everything from wiping that little bit of rice away from the corner of your mouth to bending the knee and tying your shoe laces for you. In dramas, these covert declarations of affection are usually accompanied by your typical romance music and possibly even a bit of slow-mo with cherry blossom petals floating across the screen, but alas these helpful pointers don’t exist in everyday life. If they respond to you asking what the heck they’re doing with either a smirk or slightly awkward, but obviously untrue excuses, high chances are he’s into you. 

4. You sometimes catch him staring at you...

If there is only one thing we take away from all the dramas we watch, let that one thing be the absolute significance of those longing gazes from male love interests. In drama terms, those long gazes, whether tinged with sadness or just pure affection, are basically 100 per cent confirmation that a guy has feelings for the person that they are looking at. This rule of romance is a bit tricky to spot in real life, because people usually are relatively good at hiding that they’ve been staring at someone, but it still remains highly useful in discerning the feelings of that guy who you may have caught dreamily gazing at you for the past couple of weeks. 

5. He kind of gets slightly stupid around you 

Some guys might turn into complete dunderheads around you, instead of the suave gentlemen they probably imagined in their heads. While this could be due to a number of factors, like a lack of prior exposure to girls or just not being the brightest person; drama laws dictate that when a guy turns into a bumbling mess in front of someone, it’s usually because they’re really flustered by that person’s presence. Thus it indicates that they have feelings for them. Very straightforward thought process, right? This love-influenced stupidity could express itself in a number of ways; physically tripping over themselves or their surroundings, getting tongue-tied and only being able to say utter nonsense, failing to be able to do things that they’ve been able to do all their life, it could be anything really. 

Dramas will be dramas, and often what we see on screen doesn’t directly translate into real life. It’d probably be best to just take everything as it comes and don’t stress too much about being the main lead in your own real life K-drama romance storyline. But still, keep these K-drama lessons in mind… you never know when it might come in handy.

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