They may have just come back, but we really say no to more TWICE!
17 May 2017 - 1:39 PM  UPDATED 17 May 2017 - 1:39 PM

TWICE made their latest comeback just a few days ago with the release of their latest single and album "Signal," and while fans have once again been swept up by the TWICE-coaster, some have noticed that the "Signal" MV may be carrying more than just bright colours and aliens.

A number of fans (us included) have noticed that an interestingly little Easter Egg pops up halfway through the "Signal" MV. At around the 1:48 mark of the MV, a "menu" is seen on the wall and it lists all the albums that TWICE have released so far, with "Signal" being towards the bottom of the list. However, the most interesting part of the "menu" is that "Signal" isn't the final entry on the list.

Slotted in under "Signal" is the word "Next," and some fans have speculated that this could very well be the title of TWICE's follow-up album. Of course, there is also the distinct possibility that the word "next" simply refers to TWICE's next album and isn't actually a name.

While we ponder on what is "next" for TWICE, let's re-watch their "Signal" MV again and hopefully find some more clues:


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