It's not just Hailee Steinfeld; netizens think TWICE also copied Lovelyz' choreography.
18 May 2017 - 11:55 AM  UPDATED 18 May 2017 - 11:55 AM

TWICE have just comeback with their latest mini-album "Signal," but the girls have been caught up in a couple of plagiarism accusations in the past couple of days.

Netizens have noticed that the acoustic opening of a "Signal" B-side track "Someone Like Me" is remarkably similar to the acoustic opening of "Starving" by Hollywood star and singer Hailee Steinfeld, which has prompted some accusations of plagiarism.

  • It sounds very similar to Starving By Hailee Steinfield😂😂
  • everyone: omg this sounds like starving by hailee me, an intellectual : has never listened to starving :))

In response to these plagiarism accusations, JYP Entertainment have issued out a statement saying that the company is currently in discussions with the producer of the song and will make an announcement after everything has been clarified.

It's not just Hailee Steinfeld that netizens think TWICE have copied from. There are accusations that TWICE's dance choreography for "Signal" copies moves from Lovelyz's "WoW!," specifically the hand gestures that cover their faces partway through each song.

(at the 2:36 mark)

(at the 0:40 mark)

The online forums have see a number of comments from netizens in regards to the perceived copying of dance moves, with some claiming that TWICE plagiarised Lovelyz:

  • 'Hiding their face with the hand gesture is seriously too similar"
  • "Idols of plagiarism"
  • "They copied DIA's heart choreography too..."

There have also been netizens defending TWICE, saying that it's natural for moves to be similar when there are so many dances in K-pop these days:

  • "Choreographers are going to go crazy in 10 years. Every move is seen as plagiarism"
  • "Everything is plagiarism if you think/view it this way"
  • "I guess TWICE is just too popular."

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