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But the bigger question is, did Jungkook manage to get a photo with Donnie Yen?
19 May 2017 - 9:38 AM  UPDATED 19 May 2017 - 9:38 AM

Last weekend saw BTS perform two Hong Kong concerts as part of their "WINGS" world tour, one of which featured superstar Donnie Yen and his family in the crowd. While it was great to see Jungkook's martial arts idol in attendance, there was an even happier ending for everyone once the concert was over.

In a new interview with the Hong Kong superstar, Yen revealed that his daughter is a huge fan of BTS and had told him that Jungkook was a massive fan. Following the Hong Kong concert, Yen and his daughter were invited backstage to meet the boys.

Seeing as how his daughter was a massive BTS fan and being the great dad that he is, Yen struck up a deal - if his daughter can get a photo with BTS, he'll take as many photos with BTS and their crew as they want!

This adorable and hilarious deal resulted in Yen taking 100 photos with BTS and their crew, his daughter getting her photo taken with BTS, and lots of love and gushing being shown around backstage (we presume).

As for how his BTS backstage experience was, Yen jokingly said that taking those 100 photos was more tiring than all the martial arts scenes he performs in movies!

It was super adorable and lovely that Yen did all he could for his daughter, but the big question that still remains - did Jungkook manage to get a photo (or a quick martial arts lesson) from Donnie Yen?

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