It's been 9 great years, SHINee, may there be many more!
19 May 2017 - 11:32 AM  UPDATED 19 May 2017 - 11:32 AM

SHINee were recently in the U.S for their very first solo tour in the country, and the boys managed to find the time out of their busy schedule for a chat to CNN!

The boys covered quite a number of topics in their interview with CNN, from their constant musical evolution in order to stay relevant (they study current trends and contribute ideas together) to how their first ever U.S tour is going (they're loving it!).

But perhaps the most insightful part of SHINee's CNN interview was when they were asked about their secret to staying together and still getting along after 9 long years.

Key thinks that the group still gels because everyone has learned the "importance of understanding the virtues of a good artist," while Onew thinks every member is able to be considerate of each other while respecting everyone's thoughts and opinions.

Minho thinks there is no secret and that it's just the same as every relationship in that as time passes on, everyone get to know each other better. For Taemin, he admits that SHINee have had their share of ups and downs over the years, but getting through these difficult times helped everyone get closer.

And finally, Jonghyun is not entirely sure, but he thinks that it is as simple as everyone being thoughtful and selfless when it comes to working and sticking together as a group.

It's been 9 great years, SHINee, may there be many more!


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