Maybe we'll see something new and unique from EXP-Edition when they come back for the Summer.
22 May 2017 - 12:52 PM  UPDATED 22 May 2017 - 12:52 PM

All-American K-pop group EXP-Edition has drawn a considerable amount of attention ever since their debut a few months ago, but the boys aren't letting any negative criticism stand in the way of making their own unique mark on the K-pop landscape.

In a new interview with the Korea Herald, the group revealed that it has not been the easiest of times for them ever since their debut. EXP-Edition has received criticism for their "inadequate Korean abilities and performances" compared to the usual crop of K-pop groups, but the boys aren't letting it get to them, with member Hunter saying that his "biggest fear is that people might think we are disrespecting or mocking K-pop. But K-pop became our life, what [EXP-Edition] do."

Speaking about the response to their debut, EXP-Edition reveal that they expected such a pushback, saying that it was because they "tried something new" and "surprising". Having said that though, the feedback from non-Korean fans has been helpful as it has motivated the group to "inspire" them and show that non-Koreans can make it into K-pop.

As for what's next, EXP-Edition hope to bring their own flavour to K-pop because they quickly realised that they "just couldn’t fit into such (a) narrow definition of K-pop,"referring to factors such as member Frankie looking better without eye make-up and most members not coming from a dance-oriented background. Having said that though, the group  reiterated that they've "truly invested [their] heart to K-pop" and hope that people will see that.

Now identifying themselves as a "hybrid" group within the realm of K-pop, EXP-Edition are currently preparing for a Summer comeback with the single "Gadawada" and it will be interesting to see how the group will continue to move forward in the industry.


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