Sure this might never happen but hey we can always dream.
25 May 2017 - 3:51 PM  UPDATED 20 Aug 2018 - 2:05 PM

BTS are incredibly multi-talented, and as we can see from their music videos, they’re pretty good at acting. Besides V, none of the members have been in a drama, and none of them have ever been the male lead.

Wouldn’t it be great if they were? 

Here are some of the roles we’d love to see BTS play:

Jin as the Prince

Jin doesn’t need to be in a drama to look like a prince. But how great would it be to see him in a drama? He’s got the charms, he’s got the looks, so all he needs is to inherit a throne. Heck, we already know from BTS' MVs that he’s got the intense emotions necessary to make us hysterically sob in those scenes where the prince has to choose between love or duty. Whether he’s in a drama or not, one thing's for sure; Jin will always rule over our hearts. Like please, just look at this beautiful work of art.  

RM as the Genius CEO

RM in a suit. Just think about it... But of course, there's many more reasons why RM playing a genius CEO is a great idea. Like the fact that we’d be able to see suave RM in action; full smirk and all. Or the fact that RM could totally fit the image of a genius young business person who has a successful corporation up and running before the age of 25. Can you just imagine an office romance where RM is the lead? Heart attacks and low office productivity all round!

Suga as the 'bad boy' sweetheart

There’s always that male lead who looks like they’re super tough and could maybe beat you up if you get on their nerves, but then turns out to be the sweetest person ever. It’s almost like drama writers developed this type specifically for Suga.

J-Hope as the slightly extra chaebol

J-Hope’s gift for over-exaggeration is well-suited for the role of an extremely rich and possibly super pampered chaebol (i.e. heir to a large conglomerate) drama male lead. He’d turn this potentially grating character into a funny and lovable object of our affection. His moments of seriousness would strike just as deep into our hearts, and once his character transforms into a somewhat-better educated member of society there would be no hope for us.

V as the ethereal supernatural being

He already looks like a beautiful angel descended from the heavens, so it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine V as the supernatural male lead of a drama. V’s smooth voice would lend itself well to his portrayal of a long-lived alien/goblin/being-with-supernatural-powers. Not to mention, his music video performances prove that he's great at tearing our hearts to pieces with his tortured gaze, something which is almost essential for any male lead of this category. 

Jimin as the new boy next door

Sure, this sounds a lot like EXO Next Door, but is that a bad thing? This kind of male lead requires a combination of cute-sexy and heated gazes, and there’s none better to fill this dream-neighbour-sized hole in our hearts than Jimin. Who else could simultaneously melt our hearts with the unbelievable cuteness of their eye-smile in one moment and then completely ruin our ability to coherently process thoughts the next moment with just one smouldering look?

Jungkook as the all-round perfect student on campus

The golden maknae would be the most amazing fit for this lead role because he can basically do anything amazingly already. Sports, academics, a social life – he’ll have them all under control and be excelling in them far better than we could ever dream (like honestly, how do you balance academics with a social life?). Watching him act out the campus love story that we could only ever have in our dreams would probably destroy us, but we’d totally be fine with that.


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