Remember the time Hugh Jackman did an impressive rendition of "Loving U?"
24 May 2017 - 12:40 PM  UPDATED 24 May 2017 - 12:40 PM

Although we're heartbroken about SISTAR's disbandment, let's appreciate what a great group they have been over the last seven years.

Here are 7 things we'll miss from the iconic girl group:

1. Addictive summer jams

No matter what season we're in, we can trust SISTAR to bring us the summer feels with catchy bops we can never seem to get out of our heads! These girls always make us smile with their fun-loving, sunshine-loving attitudes.

2. Pretty outfits

We will definitely miss their elegant style and gorgeous dresses. "I Like That" had the memorable and inventive use of detachable skirts also used in their dance choreography.


3. Unique dances 

SISTAR's iconic moves have inspired millions of covers. Male idols everywhere couldn't stop doing their dance moves (*cough BTS cough*) and even Hugh Jackman got in on the action! We gotta say, he does a pretty good rendition of "Loving U." 


4. Super talented performances

Not only are they great dancers but also amazing singers with fantastic harmonies!

5. Their unique personalities

6. Their love for animals

Even snakes. On a Weekly Idol episode, Hyorin and Bora got so attached to the snakes brought onto the show they wanted to keep them as pets. Hyorin is also known for volunteering at animal shelters during her free time.


7. How friendly, down to earth and relatable they are

They're sexy yet approachable girl-next-door types. SISTAR are so chill and relaxed and can easily chat to fans like their close friends. 


They're one of the few groups that have been pretty much drama and scandal free since their debut. We also love that they support other groups. What girl group rivalry?

May SISTAR forever live on in the K-pop girl group Hall of Fame. Best wishes to all the individual members on their future endeavours!

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