Do you have all these things prepped?
23 May 2017 - 1:50 PM  UPDATED 10 Aug 2018 - 2:56 PM

Day6 and Wanna One are both performing in Australia this month, which means you might need some tips on how you can prep for the best concert experience ever!

1. Have your ticket ready

Don't forget to bring your ticket! Keep it in a safe place until the event. Especially if it's a physical ticket, you don't want to lose it right before the event. Might seem obvious but it happens...

2. Find out how to get to the venue in advance and allow enough time beforehand

You don't want to end up lost or even late to the show and miss out!

3. Drink water

Keep yourself and those vocal chords hydrated. 

4. Sleep well the night before

So you can have heaps of energy to get lit!

5. Wear comfy shoes

Particularly if you are in a standing area. Although they may be pretty, heels will kill your feet by the end of the night. Would also advise against open-toed shoes in case you get trodden on.  

6. Bring warm clothes

Especially if you plan to line up, you don't want to get sick. Try to plan your concert outfit ahead of time so you don't decide what to wear last minute.

7. Pack your light-stick and fan support items

8. Listen to the artist's songs on repeat every day leading up to the concert

Learn all the lyrics so you can sing along with them and do the fanchants.

9. Practice your dance moves

Impress the stars - or just surrounding audience members - with your epic grooves.

10. Pack some tissues and wipes

For wiping sweat, tears or just crumbs after a concert snack. Tissues and wipes can come in handy at anytime. You might need them when you get bombarded with the feels.

11. Get ready to have fun!

You will never be the same again. 

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