Happy 5th anniversary, VIXX! May there be many more years of ambitious concepts and slick dancing!
24 May 2017 - 1:29 PM  UPDATED 24 May 2017 - 1:29 PM

Today (May 24) is a very special day for VIXX and their fans - it's the group's 5th anniversary!

To celebrate such a big occasion, the concept kings have uploaded a goofy anniversary video onto their official YouTube channel.

As a cherry on top, the boys have also finally unveiled their official group colours - navy and shining gold!

While VIXX have celebrated their anniversary in their own way, we've decided to mark the occasion by going down memory lane and taking a look at something that the boys are best known for - their awesome musical concepts.

From the bloody "Voodoo Doll" days to the Asian-influenced "Shangri-La" look of their latest comeback, here are 6 of VIXX's best musical concepts.

6. Shangri-La

"Shangri-La" is VIXX's latest concept and arguably one of their most visually stunning offerings yet. Taking on a distinct Eastern Asian tone, the boys not only look ethereal as they embrace a new colour palette, the music also pushes VIXX's sound to new territory with the incorporation of additional synth elements and classical Asian instruments. 

5. Hyde

Taking inspiration from the multiple personalities of Jekyll and Hyde, VIXX decided to embrace their inner Victorian-era goth for their first mini-album "Hyde." One of the darker concepts seen in K-pop, the group threw themselves into the concept's concept of good and evil, resulting in an instantly memorable MV.

4. Super Hero and Rock Ur Body

VIXX may be known for their dark concepts, but the boys have dabbled in lighter themes as well. Their debut single "Super Hero" took on a colourful comic-book hero theme while their follow-up single "Rock Ur Body" dug even further by incorporating a retro video game concept. 

3. Voodoo

Arguably VIXX's most notorious concept, "Voodoo Doll" demonstrated that the group weren't afraid to push things right to the edge. Filled with blood and violence all wrapped up in a story about a crazy girl who is into voodoo dolls, VIXX's take on the voodoo concept is every bit as terrifying as it is memorable.

2. Error

Continuing the dark themes introduced by "Hyde" and "Voodoo Doll," "Error" sees VIXX incorporate a futuristic cyborg element into their repertoire. Centering around love and emotional breakdown, the contradiction between the cyborg concept and the musical theme of love made for a fantastic final result that's as eye-catching as it is chilling.

1. Chained Up

Wanting to push the edge yet again, VIXX decided to embrace their sensual sides for their "Chained Up" concept. While it is less bloody than their equally boundary-pushing voodoo concept, "Chained Up" is just as intense due to VIXX's 110% commitment in showcasing their sexy personas.

Which VIXX concept was your favourite?



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