Thank you SISTAR for these wonderful releases!
2 Jun 2017 - 3:42 PM  UPDATED 2 Jun 2017 - 3:42 PM

Whether it's infectious summer jams, or more mellow pop ballads, SISTAR have released some amazing songs in their time.

Let's take a look back at some of the best releases during their 7 years in the spotlight.

1. Give It To Me

The Moulin Rouge themed "Give It To Me" injected glam and razzle-dazzle back into the K-pop scene. Feathers, canes, top hats and who can forget Bora's surprise glitter throw during her rap.

I still sing the catchy, "give it to me, oh baby, give it to me" whenever I'm waiting for someone to give me something (like food).


2. Alone

The girls brought out their sultry vocals and choreography in "Alone." Despite the darker overtones referencing feelings of loneliness - the lyrics are somewhat depressing - it's sleek, sensual and classy. Kudos to the girls for dancing in those skin-tight outfits and sky-high heels!


3. Loving U

"Loving U" is an upbeat, fun and energetic summer jam. It proved that the girls were capable of doing both sad and happy songs really well. Hanging out with friends, hitting the beach, going on road trips, "Loving U" is all about loving life. Positive vibes.


4. Touch My Body

Another addictive sunny bop, complete with the sound of bubbles popping in the background. As Family Guy said; "what is this and how can I make the rest of my life about it?".


5. Ma Boy (by subunit Sistar19)

Bodyrolls. That is all.

6. I Like That

A sophisticated track that made us all fall head over heels, loving the girls' sass. The concept was sexy and seductive without being over-the-top.


7. How Dare You

One of their earlier and cuter releases. "Head up to the sky, cuz we're mighty Sistar!" Those iconic high kicks.


What was your favourite Sistar track? 


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