Happy 9th anniversary SHINee! #9yearswithSHINee
25 May 2017 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 25 May 2017 - 1:17 PM

To celebrate SHINee's 9th anniversary, here are 9 reasons why we love them!

1. They have great teamwork

SHINee are famous for their incredible synchronisations. In "Weekly Idol's" Random Dance Play, they worked together flawlessly to do their dance routines perfectly in sync.  


2. They have crazily catchy songs

Try getting "Ring Ding Dong" out of your head after listening to it. It's too fantastic elastic. 

3. They can pull off any fashion style

Bursting onto the K-pop scene with colourful shirts and skinny jeans, SHINee made anything they wore a trend. They can rock any kind of look, whether it's the eclectic suits in "Dream Girl" or half-shaved hair in "Lucifer."

They just need to make sure their clothes don't get burnt like Key's Gucci!

4. They are great at singing acapella, even when dancing

Who needs MR when you have SHINee doing the instrumentals, vocals, and dancing all at the same time? That's true talent, right there.


5. They are hilarious

Whether it's Onew's sangtae, Taemin's 4D-ness or Key's sass, each member never fails to make you laugh. Watching any of their interviews is a serious abs workout.

6. All of them are dance machines

Although Taemin is the main dancer, each member has great dance skills. For example, in the drama "Hwarang," Minho improvised the sword dance on the spot and taught the routine to the other cast members, including BTS' V and ZE:A's Hyungsik.


7. They are the best cosplayers

The boys definitely go all out when it comes to dress-ups like Halloween! They even get into character, like the pretend fight they had between Key (McDonalds) and Onew (KFC).

8. OT5

They have the exact same line-up now as they did at debut. OT5 now and forever! The boys are always supporting each other, even in their individual activities. There aren't any bigger SHINee fans then the SHINee members themselves.

9. They are not afraid to derp.

Who says idols have to look good?

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