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Times have changed, but we think SHINee's "Sherlock" would still be awesome if released today!
26 May 2017 - 12:45 PM  UPDATED 26 May 2017 - 12:45 PM

It goes without saying that there have been a number of popular trends in K-pop over the years, and this prompted a very interesting question among the fans - what older K-pop songs would still be hits if released in 2017?

In a new thread over on Reddit, K-pop fans got into a fascinating discussion about which older songs (4+ years) would still be as big as they were if released in 2017. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some older K-pop songs that fans think will still be big hits if released today:

  • Sherlock-SHINee: I feel like this song still holds up. SHINee is still active and honestly, if this was their next comeback concept and song, I would still like it a lot. I feel like this is because in general SHINee typically isn't "typecast" into a role or niche in k-pop; as such their songs tend to age rather well. Not all of them, but I feel like the majority of SHINee songs do.

  • Genie - SNSD: It's just so catchy. I don't understand how it's so catchy. The vocals, the concept, those outfits...I really don't see how you can go wrong with Genie. It holds up, for sure. Hell, if SNSD came back with this song in 2015 or released this in 2016 instead of Lionheart or Sailing, you bet that it would still be played today, because this would totally be a good fit for them as they can take elements of it and make it more mature to suit their current mid/late-twenties selves.

  • Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x): I say this one with bias because in general I think all f(x) songs still hold up, but I don't think there's quite a song like this? I don't know of any other kpop song that uses a vocal round like this one, it's just so interesting and dynamic. There's something enchanting about it that still holds up. Also, red-hair Krystal.

  • D.O's styling in Growl, alone, would be enough to save 2017.

  • Fantastic Baby - BIGBANG: I can imagine it already; in an alternate universe BIGBANG releases his song in 2017 after FXXKIT, initial reaction is super negative and "wow they lost their touch" or "wow after FXXKIT they follow up with this?" But it blows up in South Korea, then it becomes catchy after a couple listens and suddenly everyone knows that it's a (wow) fantastic baby song.

  • Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker

  • I'm not even a shawol but Replay by Shinee. One of the best debut songs and still not bad song or cringy to listen to.

  • Infinite- The Chaser

  • 2ne1- I Am The Best

  • BTOB - WOW is still agreed to be one of if not their best song. That new jack swing and retro 90s boyband feel doesn't go out of style.

  • SISTAR – Alone: SISTAR :'( Going through their discography Alone really shines. Sexy R&B is everything.

What older songs do you think would still be big hits if released today, PopAsians?


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