You have permission to freak out because EXO will be back soon!!
29 May 2017 - 9:50 AM  UPDATED 29 May 2017 - 9:50 AM


It's been a long time coming, but EXO have finally confirmed their plans to jump on the upcoming Summer K-pop comeback train!

During a press conference held for EXO's recent EXORDIUM concerts in Seoul, the group announced that they are prepping for a comeback in the Summer. No specific date has been revealed yet at the time of writing, but Baekhyun did say that the title track is already finished and that the boys and SM are happy with the final result.

As for what fans can expect for this comeback, Baekhyun dropped a cheeky spoiler by saying their new concept is "hot" like Summer. Furthermore, fans at their recent EXORDIUM concerts also noticed that the EXO members kept dropping teasing phrases such as "Do you want to fight? Do you want to see blood?" suggesting that EXO-Ls are in store for something intense upon the group's return.

Are you excited for EXO's comeback?


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