Newly crowned BBMA winners BTS found the time to have a nice chat with us about their Billboard award!
30 May 2017 - 2:22 PM  UPDATED 31 May 2017 - 1:24 PM

[NOTE: This interview took place before BTS held their Sydney concert on May 26, 2017]

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks for BTS, having played to sellout crowds throughout their "WINGS" world tour to scoring a historic win at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards last week.

SBS PopAsia had the privilege of having a chat with BTS just prior to their highly-anticipated sell out concert in Sydney, and from the reaction at BBMAs to what they missed about Australia, the boys were nothing short of absolute gentlemen throughout the interview!


1. How do you feel about winning your first BBMA?

Rap Monster: We are deeply honoured. I can’t believe that we actually competed against Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. It was like a dream for us because we actually won the award in such a huge event. I would like to express my sincere thanks to our ARMY fans all over the world who brought us here today.

2. What has been the best moment of your tour so far?

Jungkook: Every single moment of our tour is the best moment for us. We can see all our fans’ impressions when we are on stages. We’re always cheered up by our fans who get enthusiastic with us. To me, every single moment is the best because we have our fans with us, who support and enjoy our music and performance.

Jimin: Whenever we have a concert, our fans always hold an event for us. I’m always impressed by our fans who organise all that for us. I really appreciate your love and passion. Thank you, ARMY!

3. How were your concerts in the US?

J-Hope: It was full of energy in the US. We were surprised by the fact that the concert hall was jam-packed with our fans. We were as happy as can be because we felt a strong bond between BTS and ARMY. Come and see another concert of BTS in future! We will do our best to put on a better show for you.

4. Did you miss Australian fans since your last visit in 2015?

Rap Monster: I always missed Australia!! I’ve been looking forward to another visit to Australia.

Jin: I always missed our Australian fans. I still remember that our Australian fans gave such big cheers last time when we performed in Australia. I’d always wanted to come back one day, so I’m so glad that we had a chance.

Suga: I missed Australian fans so much. I wanted to come back because we all have such happy memory in Australia.

J-Hope: I missed Australian fans so much that it nearly drove me mad. I badly want to perform as soon as possible. Have you waited for us as well? See you soon!

Jimin: It’s been nearly 2 years now, so I think we probably made our fans to wait for too long. We will return your favour with a better performance since we’ve all waited too long. Please wait a bit more!

V: I missed you all a lot!!! I missed Australian ARMY!!

Jungkook: Of course I did. I can’t wait to meet you all!!! How can I ever forget the heat and love from Australian ARMY?

5. What is the best thing about Australia?

Rap Monster: Clean air and beautiful view… I’d love to see Opera House again. And of course, Kangaroo and Koala.

Jin: I spent few weeks in Australia when I was young. I have all good memories of my time there with beautiful scenery, fresh air, and all the environments. I still remember that time.

Suga: Fresh air and nice people were the best things in Australia. I hope to see more of these this time.

J-Hope: The moment we performed and interacted with our fans in Australia was the best and the happiest moment.

Jimin: I remember that the environment and the buildings around the nature were so beautiful when we visited Australia last time. When we think about our fans there, such a beautiful country, it made me feel just great.

V: I really wanted to come back again because the concert was so fun last time in Australia. I am so happy to meet Australian ARMY again this time!!!

Jungkook: I liked the heat of Australian ARMYs. I still remember our fans shouting.

6. What are your plans after this tour?

Jin: We don’t have a definite plan to let you know yet. Our first goal at the moment is to complete the "WINGS" tour successfully. We will always do our best because we know that our ARMY fans will be with us and support us all the time.

7. Many Western musicians really want to work with you, do you have plans for any collaborations?

V: It’s a secret yet. We’ll be able to open to the public one day when everything is ready for a release. Then we will give a surprise for ARMY. Keep your eyes on us please!

8. Our fans absolutely love your MVs. What do you think is the best music video of yours?

Jimin: My favourite is ‘Not Today’. You will be able to see our amazing group dance in a magnificent setting.

J-Hope: I recommend ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’. You can enjoy every single detail, including our various dances as well as the visual arts in the colourful and splendid music video. Once you watch the music video, I’m pretty sure that you all will fall in love with us!

9. Who is your favourite pop star?

Rap Monster: Drake, Nas.

Suga: There are too many of them. Most recently, I’ve been listening to Flume’s music a lot. It would be fun if we can work together.

J-Hope: As I had mentioned several times before, I love Tinashe. It would be a great pleasure if we can do a collaboration.

Jungkook: I definitely want to work with Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. Also, it would be great if I can work in collaboration with Radwimps to create songs like "Date."

10. Finally, can you say something to your Australian fans?

Rap Monster: Aussie ARMY!! We’re goin Sydney!!!

Jin: Please wait a little bit more until we arrive in Australia. We are actually preparing this interview thinking about you in the flight to Sydney. I just want to land on Australia as quickly as possible!!

Suga: Australian fans, we have prepared a lot for this tour and are on our way to Australia now. Please look forward to meeting us!

J-Hope: Our Aussie fans, are you ready!!! Let’s have a ball!

Jimin: Hello, Aussie fans. I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long. We know that you guys always give us fantastic support. It would be impossible for us to describe how grateful we are. We are finally on our way to Australia! I wish we can give you unforgettable memories.

V: Our Aussie ARMY fans. Please wait a bit more. We will be there soon!!!

Jungkook: We missed Australian ARMY as much as you missed us. We’ll be there soon, so please wait a bit more!!



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