One a show of appreciation for all his supporters around the world!
1 Jun 2017 - 9:33 AM  UPDATED 1 Jun 2017 - 11:09 AM

PSY recently came back with his 8th album "4x2=8," which spawned 2 hit singles "New Face" and "I Luv It." While the new release features more of what PSY is most famous for (super catchy beats, hilarious MVs, and all-star cameos), "4x2=8" represents a new outlook for the super-popular rapper.

In an interview with Billboard, PSY revealed that while his new releases are still racking up YouTube views, he has received more than enough views for a lifetime and while the "Gangnam Style" craze initially stressed him out, these days he's just focusing on the music itself. The rapper told Billboard that he sincerely cares about all the criticism from the public and fans, but hopes that he handled it well with his new album by working with G-Dragon on the song "Fact."

PSY has worked with an all-star roster of artists on his new album, including TaeyangiKON's Bobby and B.IZico and, of course, G-Dragon. Giving nothing but praise to his collaborators, PSY told the publication that having BIGBANG, iKON, and Zico on his new album gave it some extra "class," and it helped the rapper get out of his "creative slump puzzle" during the production.

Given that PSY has a massive following, both in Korea and internationally, the rapper is still in awe at how many messages of support he receives in various different languages. He hints at the fact that one day he will release something in English as a show of appreciation for all his supporters around the world!

An English PSY release? OMG, we want this right now!


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