With so many new groups debuting this year, it’s easy for some rookies to get lost in the crowd.
6 Jun 2017 - 2:29 PM  UPDATED 6 Jun 2017 - 2:29 PM

Some of these amazing rookie groups have flown under the radar, but they’re totally worth checking out. Here's 7 talented new stars you need to check out:


A.C.E. debuted last month with the hard-edged techno single “Cactus.” However, it's their image, not their music that is capturing everyone's attention. The members have been performing on music programs in short-shorts, which has really helped them stand out among all the boy bands promoting right now. And it doesn’t hurt that they all have great legs!


ELRIS were fortunate enough to receive lots of media attention upon their debut thanks to member Kim Sohee, who is already famous from her appearance on K-Pop Star 6. The five-member group have a cute concept and an addictive synth-pop sound that will win over fans of innocent bubblegum pop. They’re also incredibly pretty, and their debut album, We First, is flawless from start to finish.


Fans of Korea’s ‘Techno Queen’ Lee Jung Jyun will absolutely love S.E.T. The trio are completely different to current generation girl groups, with a classic ‘90s techno sound and unique concept that mixes the edgy girl crush style with historical costumes. There’s really no other girl group quite like them.

Seven O’Clock

The talented and stylish Seven O’Clock debuted in March with the tropical dance track “Echo.” It’s one of my favourite new tracks of the year and the type of song that would’ve become a hit if a bigger group had released it. If you needed another reason to stan Seven O’Clock, their rapper looks and sounds like T.O.P from BIGBANG!


Maroo Entertainment’s BONUSbaby are unique for a number of reasons; they were the first rookie group of 2017, and they’re the youngest girl group in Korea by average age. Their sound is also one-of-a-kind, borrowing heavily from Japanese idol pop. They just finished promoting their second single, “If I Became An Adult,” so I’m anticipating their return with another great song.


The seven-member TOPSECRET debuted in January with the Sweetune-produced “She.” The disco-tinged track was just as amazing as all Sweetune songs tend to be, but it’s their latest effort, “Mind Control,” that really makes TOPSECRET worth following. “Mind Control” is one of the quirkiest boy band songs I’ve heard outside of SM Entertainment in a LONG time, and that’s definitely a good thing! It also comes with a totally hilarious music video that’s sure to win over fans of goofy variety show antics.

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