All good things must come to an end, but some things end way too soon!
7 Jun 2017 - 1:29 PM  UPDATED 8 Jun 2017 - 9:01 AM

It’s never good to see your favourite group disband, and sadly, 2017 has already been filled with a bunch of breakups. With splits like SISTAR still fresh on our mind, we take a look at seven groups who we miss.


SISTAR are one of the most recent major disbandments in K-pop. Although they spent a good seven years together, the girls were still very much on top of their game (and the charts!) when they called it quits last month. They’ve had nine number one singles on the Gaon Chart and became known as the queens of summer. It’s very likely that their success would’ve continued for several years to come if they’d stayed together.

2. Wonder Girls

The legendary Wonder Girls survived several lineup changes over their ten years together and always came out on top. I reckon they still had more to give when they split this year. Their reinvention into a band was one of the most successful K-pop has ever seen, with their 2016 hit, “Why So Lonely,” becoming one of the biggest of their career.

3. LC9

LC9 were an extremely short-lived group from Nega Network, the former home of Brown Eyed Girls. They debuted in 2013 with the addictive “Mama Beat,” which is sadly the only proper single they ever released. Like BEG, they had a unique sound and were brimming with talent.

4. 4minute

K-pop fans everywhere were devastated when 4minute disbanded last year. When their lead single "Hate" missed the top ten, it looked like they’d probably split. However, compared to many girl groups the song still did well, and 4minute had just come off the back of one of their biggest hits ever with “Crazy," but sadly, they split.

5. 4L

4L (short for ‘Four Ladies’) went viral in late 2014 with their single “Move.” The sexually-charged music video for the song racked up 7 million views on YouTube and turned 4L into a favourite at military concerts. In fact, they received so much attention that they even performed in the Philippines alongside U-Kiss. Unfortunately, the foursome never released a follow-up to “Move.” One member went on to re-debut as a solo artist with an innocent image, while two others went on to form a trot duo. Quite the change!

6. Gangkiz

Before MBK Entertainment debuted DIA, they tried their hand with another girl group called Gangkiz. The seven-member group had a similar sound to MBK’s flagship act T-ara, but they were different in that they were older and had the unique concept of actress-idols. Gangkiz earned a lot of media attention when they hit the scene with the catchy “Honey Honey” in 2012, but the song and their follow-up single “Mama” both failed to charts. 

7. ZE:A

Although they haven't disbanded, we miss their stage presence! Star Empire’s nine-member boy band ZE:A spawned many popular solo stars, including actors Siwan and Hyungsik, variety idol Kwanghee, and of course, SBS PopAsia’s own Kevin Kim! ZE:A had very high public recognition in Korea and Japan, and all their singles appeared on the Gaon chart. With hits like “Watch Out” and “Ghost of Wind.” 

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