Do you think it makes for a 'Happy Moment'?
8 Jun 2017 - 1:15 PM  UPDATED 8 Jun 2017 - 1:15 PM

Cosmic Girls (a.k.a. WJSN) have been in the spotlight quite a bit this past year, primarily thanks to star members Yoo Yeonjung and Cheng Xiao. After making a name for themselves, the girls have now returned with their first full-length studio album, Happy Moment.

The title track, “Happy,” is quite a different sound for the girls. While their hit “Secret” had a sophisticated synth-pop sound and follow-up “I Wish” was cute and dreamy, “Happy” is the busy, quirky pop style that’s been a trend with girl groups this year. LABOUM’s “Shooting Love,” Gugudan’s “A Girl Like Me,” and APRIL’s “Mayday” are just some of the tracks with this sound, so it looks like WJSN wanted to try it out too!

The music video matches the song perfectly, with bright and bold colours and tonnes of cute costumes. The aesthetic is very similar to videos from I.O.I and Red Velvet.

If the title track isn’t to your personal taste, there’s plenty of other great songs on Happy Moment that should appeal to you. “Miracle” is disco-fied dance-pop that sounds similar to “Secret,” while “Mr. Badboy” and “Sugar” are both retro-inspired bubblegum gems. They’re the kind of songs that always end up as the b-sides on albums from cute and bubbly girl groups, so most girl group fans will love them.

WJSN showcase a more sleek and mature side of themselves on “Babyface.” The futuristic nu-disco number is sure to become a favourite among most K-pop fans, especially those who prefer less innocent styles of music. The girls also throw in a few slower songs to balance things out; “Plop Plop” is an aegyo-filled midtempo, while closing track “Closer to You” is a melodic and uplifting song that sounds like it’s dedicated to the group’s fans.

Compared to their previous releases, Happy Moment is definitely less unique. Hopefully it pays off for the girls on the charts and more people will discover this amazing group!

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