To watch or to study, that is the question...
14 Jun 2017 - 2:16 PM  UPDATED 14 Jun 2017 - 2:16 PM

The struggle between bingeing on K-dramas and investing in one’s future is tough. Those who suffer from this internal battle are torn between two sides; on one side you've got the joy of dramas, handsome guys and fluffy romance, and on the other there's the responsibility of study.

It seems studying and watching dramas can't live in unity. But does it have to be this way?

Below are five possible solutions to this classic dilemma, with thorough analysis of likelihood of success. Maybe, just maybe, we can find a way to enjoy dramas without the guilt of uncompleted schoolwork.

1. One day binge, one day work

As the title suggests, this solution calls for one full day of unrestrained K-drama binge-watching, followed by a day of productive study. Of course, there’s the possibility that you just never stop watching, and the one day binge accidentally turns into one semester long. Oops. 

Probability of success: 50%, or 60% if you care about your grades a lot.

2. The work-watch strategy

Set certain tasks for yourself, and then watch an episode when you complete a task. Sounds great in theory, but in reality who’s to stop you from setting ‘breathe’ as a task so you can semi-justify watching another episode? Also, K-drama episodes are pretty long, so you might still end up spending more time watching dramas than studying. 

Probability of success: 30-40%. Staying accountable is hard.

3. 'It doesn’t exist’ method

Most students should be rather familiar with the ‘it doesn’t exist’ method by now. When applied to dramas, this total life motto can be rephrased as ‘watch now, worry later.' It’s quite self-explanatory, watch all the latest heart-thumping drama episodes and worry about everything else (mainly assessments) later/never. While it’s not exactly a great move to pull if you want to get good marks, it’s undeniable that it will alleviate any guilt you might feel during drama watching sessions, which is the most important thing right?

Probability of success: 100% chance of following through with pretending study doesn’t exist, 0% chance of absolutely avoiding the reality of exams and assessments

4. The Path of self-inflicted pain

This involves abstaining from watching dramas until there’s absolutely no work left to be done. But, there’s almost always work to be done, so you might end up stuck not knowing whether the main couple remember each other or something for the 11 plus weeks it takes for school/other educational institutions to finally start holidays. Pain, ammiright?

Probability of success: 10%, maybe even 25% if you’re really determined.

5. The matching principle

Only allow yourself to watch an amount of dramas equivalent to the amount of study you’ve done. This may mean that one hour of study is equivalent to one hour of drama watching. If you’re more hardcore and want to make yourself work for it, you can follow the principle of one hour of study is equivalent to 25 minutes of drama, meaning you’d have to study for at least four hours to be able to watch a full episode.

Probability of success: 70%, this is pretty do-able to be honest.

Of course, this all depends on how motivated you are. Good luck studying fam. 

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