Having a really hard time deciding whether present BTS or baby BTS is cuter!
14 Jun 2017 - 11:07 AM  UPDATED 14 Jun 2017 - 11:07 AM

BTS held a special "2017 BTS Home Party" VLive broadcast in celebration of their 4th anniversary, and the boys have a surprise treat for their fans in the form of some super-adorable baby photos!

Jin kicked things off with a photo of himself at 4-years-old, before proceeding to boast how he was already super good-looking at that age! Suga was next, and he presented a cute photo of himself at the beach before telling a scary yet sweet story about his father.

JungkookRap MonsterJ-Hope were all next, and all their photos were as adorable as each others, especially Rap Monster's Mickey Mouse picture!

After J-Hope presented his (and subsequently complimented his own childhood fashion sense), was the last one up, and he presented a photo of himself at 5 months old. In fact, he was so young that the other boys weren't even sure if it was actually V in the photo, but all those thoughts went out the window when V then revealed a second baby photo of himself, one where he was completely naked (with a modesty drawing thrown in for the censors)!

Check out BTS showing off childhood photos of themselves right here and try not to gush over them too much!


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