BTS, EXO, K.A.R.D. Just to name a few...
16 Jun 2017 - 12:57 PM  UPDATED 16 Jun 2017 - 12:57 PM

It's hard enough to dance, let alone dance blindfolded! These artists have proven they can still move flawlessly even without being able to see. We're totally envious of their great spatial awareness.

1. SHINee: Evil

The SHINee boys still dance perfectly in sync and without missing a beat. Those blindfolds do nothing to stop these dance legends.


2. BTS' Jimin: Lie

Jimin spun a million times and even jumped without losing balance. What even.


3. EXO's Kai and Lay: Artificial Love

The dance machines of EXO put on a killer dance break for "Artificial Love." Even though they can't see anything, they can still dance intensely on a small platform that's simultaneously rising up. So not only are they moving, on a moving platform, they're doing it while blindfolded! How do they not have any fear of accidentally stepping too far and falling off?!


4. VIXX's N solo dance

The leader of VIXX put on an incredible dance performance while blindfolded during a showcase. Like the moves weren't already difficult enough themselves!


5. HISTORY: Might Just Die

The muscle memory has been so ingrained into the HISTORY boys that they're able to do their dance routine ridiculously perfectly while not being able to see. Definitely admire their confidence and ability! P.S. How cute are those blindfolds?  


6. GFriend: Navillera

The girls nailed it.


7. K.A.R.D: Oh Na Na

And here we thought the co-ed group would be knocking into each other and having some accidental skin-ships. Nope, K.A.R.D are too good for that!  


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