Even though he is the youngest in BTOB, he’s also the tallest!
15 Jun 2017 - 1:23 PM  UPDATED 15 Jun 2017 - 1:23 PM

Welcome to DatJoeDoe Show's Joe's Blog!! This week he's teaching us about BTOB's Sungjae and sharing your K-Pop opinions...

Yook Sungjae has become one of k-pop’s most lovable entertainers so let’s learn about BTOB’s awesome maknae:

1. He originally auditioned for JYP Entertainment but didn't make it with them.

2. Even though he is the youngest in BTOB, he’s also the tallest and usually has to go on the side to take photos with his group (tall people problems).

3. His favourite movie is Bruce Almighty .

4. He loves the colours black and red as well as the numbers six, 66, 666 (he really loves his sixes).

5. He won the Best Couple Award with Red Velvet's Joy when they were on the show We Got Married (they were so funny together! Haha).

6. He was a part of the group Big Byung with GOT7's Jackson, and VIXX's N and Hyuk. They released singles "Stress Come On!" and "Ojingeo Doenjang."  

7. Sungjae is able to crack open a watermelon using only his head (incredible talent right there haha).

8. His hobbies include fishing, snowboarding and singing. 

9. One of his good friends is none other than A-Pink’s Namjoo (I can see them having fun)!


Every week I ask you guys your thoughts on my Facebook page KPOPJOE. This week I asked:

Who are some of the best under-rated groups and why?

Here are the top comments:

"VIXX. They're the kings of concept and they put so much work into it. It's sad to see all their effort and they're still not as famous as other groups who probably aren't as creative." - Imane Majid

"BTOB. 5 years already and still haven't gotten a PAK or something. Those boys are damn talented, give them the entire universe please." - Kester Dandan

"WINNER!! Because they really strive for success and their songs are really awesome! They wanted to become like BigBang and I hope that they will." -  Emcher Sison

"Day6. They are beaming with talent. Every song of theirs is gold. Idk why people don't know them yet. Those who don't know them are missing out on some great music. Their music simply touches the soul." - Udita Singh

"SF9. They are sooo talented and of course, handsome. All of the members has a talent but unfortunately, no one sees it. Please give love to SF9. They are a great group." - Yvonne Castilllo

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