Apink's Hayoung has since responded to the incident on Twitter.
15 Jun 2017 - 9:20 AM  UPDATED 16 Jun 2017 - 10:24 AM

The suspect responsible for the recent death threats against Apink has revealed why he did it. 

Contacting Korean media agency OSEN yesterday, the suspect stated that he got in touch with the media because some of the reported details are not true, saying that "it is not true that [the suspect] threatened to kill [Apink] because Apink’s agency sued [the suspect] for malicious comments. [the suspect] called just twice. [the suspect] also never disturbed the company’s work."

The suspect then claimed that the reason why they made threats against Apink is because of a reality show broadcast in which the group went on blind dates with a few male actor trainees, saying that “as a fan of Apink for six years, [the suspect] spent a lot of time and money on Apink. To see Apink on blind dates with not even actors, but actor trainees,  [the suspect] felt betrayed. [the suspect] called their agency to complain, but they gave a vague answer saying they didn’t know, which made me angry. So [the suspect] called the police with the death threat.

The suspect states that they don't plan to turn themselves in, saying that they "never thought of actually harming Apink."

Following the release of this statement from the suspect, group member Hayoung responded to the incident through Apink's official Twitter account.

Here's a translation of Hayoung's tweets:

"Our Pandas, family members, and company staff worried a lot because of the unfortunate incident last night. We were shocked and also felt anxious when we first found out, but we were also upset when we found out why it happened and what the situation was. But we thought that our Pandas would be worrying more than us, so that is what actually worried us more. We are preparing hard for our comeback and practicing and being careful, so don’t worry! I hope it all gets settled soon so our Pandas can also be at ease!


According to a new report from OSEN, a death threat via phone call was made against Apink on the evening of June 14.

In response to the threat, several police officers were dispatched to Apink's agency, Plan A Entertainment. It was reported that the group were at another rehearsal studio and security was sent to protect the girls.

Upon the publication of news reports about the death threat, Apink's staff tweeted out an official statement to the fans, writing that they are working with the police and ensuring that Apink's safety is paramount.

Here's a translation of the statement from Apink's staff:

Police were dispatched to Plan A on Wednesday, June 14 at approximately 8:30PM, and informed us about the declaration. A request for protection for Apink was immediately made. We are currently seeking the cooperation of the police to ensure the punishment of the person behind the threat, and we will do our best for [the group’s] protection in the future.


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