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23 Jun 2017 - 1:02 PM  UPDATED 23 Jun 2017 - 1:02 PM

It’s that time of the year, when the wind's bitingly cold, the days are shorter and there's greater incentive to stay at home. Hibernating. While snuggling up in bed might seem like a really attractive way to spend the next three or so months, K-drama wisdom suggests there is a better way to spend these cold months...Cute winter dates with the bae.

Here are five winter date ideas for you and your sweetie, courtesy of your fave K-Dramas:

1. Baking together at home

Cold weather is perfect for baking up a sweet storm, and who better to do it with than bae? Baked goods fresh from the oven are divine to eat in the middle of a cold winter, and baking warms up the house.

It’s a bonus if you end up in a cutesy food fight. 

2. Winning toys in an arcade date

If it’s too chilly outside, just head to your nearest arcade for some cute date time with bae. Whether you’re playing against each other or teaming up to form the ultimate alien-smashing team, arcade dates are quite ideal – you get to enjoy free heating AND you’re able to exercise your competitive spirit.

And of course, you just have to win a stuffed toy from the claw machine at some point. It’s a K-drama date law!

3. Play on the beach

I know. The beach? In winter? That makes no sense? But if you think about it, the beach during winter is an unseized opportunity. There won’t be many people there because most people don't want to swim in super cold waters, so it’ll be relatively quiet. Because it’s cold, it’ll be the perfect excuse to snuggle up with bae. Also, think about how great and romantic it’d be to watch the sun rise/set while snuggled up with bae on the beach?

Or even better, drawing love hearts in the sand.

4. Cute strolls (hand-holding mandatory)

While it may be cold outside, there’s nothing better than a little bit of loved-up, couple walking time to warm the heart. The great thing about this date idea is that it’s so versatile; you could walk around the city, or around your neighbourhood, or even in a field of buckwheat if you so desire (ayyy Goblin reference). You can walk around any time during the day or night, taking in whatever hectic views you’re getting, basking in your bae’s love and presence, AND getting some good exercise in.

Cutesy kissing is an added benefit.

5. Teleport to a different country 

If you can’t deal with the cold, try pull a Kim Shin and walk through a door that leads to Quebec, or any other place that’s nice and warm (because this is totally possible, right). Soak up the sun, catch a maple leaf and eat some fancy steak, away from winter. It’s probably important to address the fact that most, if not all, people can’t teleport (yet), so for now this date idea is more like an extended vacation idea. But hey, this could totally be the future of dates.

Extra bonus points to your bae if they recite poetry to convey their feelings for you.

Double extra bonus points if your bae is Kim Shin.

If none of these float your boat you can always compromise and snuggle up in front of the telly with bae for a K-drama marathon because that, my friends, is always a fail-safe plan.

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