With huge album sales and prestigious awards...
21 Jun 2017 - 1:19 PM  UPDATED 21 Jun 2017 - 1:19 PM

Monsta X, Starship Entertainment’s latest boy band, aren’t quite as well-known as some of their more famous contemporaries, but they’ve built up a much larger fanbase than many people realise.

The boys returned with their new single, “Shine Forever,” on Monday, and although it’s barely cracked the digital charts, the music video has amassed 1.4 million views in just 24 hours.  

This is typical for every Monsta X comeback. The group returns, their single doesn’t chart and gets overlooked by the general public, but their physical album sales are huge and so is their social media impact. It shows that, despite a lack of recognition in the mainstream, Monsta X are making a real impact among idol fans.

The boys got their start on a large platform, being formed on Mnet’s survival program No Mercy. It gave them a built-in audience as soon as they debuted with 2015’s Trespass mini-album, which ended up selling 37,000 copies. Since Trespass, their sales have continued to grow with each new album. Their Trespass follow-up, Rush, shifted 63,000 copies, while last year’s The Clan Part. 1 'LOST' hit 91,000 copies.

Last October’s The Clan Part. 2 'GUILTY' became the group’s first album to hit 100,000 copies, but it wasn’t until this year that things really blew up for the band. Not only did it sell 126,000 copies in Korea, the disc also shifted 1000 copies in America to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart. Eager to capitalise off their growing success in the States, the group will play seven concerts in the U.S. in July as part of their Monsta X Beautiful World Tour. Meanwhile, tickets for the Seoul dates of the tour sold-out in just one minute.

In addition to their impressive sales, Monsta X have started picking up prestigious music awards. Last year, they won Male Dance Performance at the Seoul Music Awards, and this year they were awarded a Disk Bonsang at the Golden Disc Awards for The Clan Part. 1. Winning something like a Golden Disc is difficult and only ever handed out to artists that have made a genuine impact.

With their skyrocketing album sales, awards, sold-out concerts and more, it's really only a matter of time before Monsta X make it big in the mainstream.

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