Can you spot them? Hint: the Easter Eggs reference TWICE's Korean TT MV!
21 Jun 2017 - 10:03 AM  UPDATED 21 Jun 2017 - 10:03 AM

TWICE are set to make their highly-anticipated Japanese debut in a few days time, and the girls have got the hype train rolling with the release of a brand new Japanese MV of their hit single "TT!"

While ONCEs everywhere are stoked at the new video, which is set at at old-school drive-in cinema, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the MV features some well-hidden Easter Eggs that reference the girls' original Korean "TT" MV.

If fans watch the Japanese "TT" MV very carefully, each TWICE member interacts with an object that is a direct reference to their characters in the original Korean "TT" MV:

  • Nayeon has a skateboard with a devil sticker 
  • Jungyeon has a Pinocchio figurine hanging on the mirror of her car
  • Momo plays with a "fairy" card
  • Sana's superhero mask pops up in the form of a sticker
  • Jihyo eats an "Ice Queen" cookie
  • Mina's movie ticket has a pirate symbol on it
  • Dayhun is playing with a bunny plushie
  • Chaeyoung is reading a mermaid comic book
  • Tzuyu has a red drink (referencing her vampire character)

Check out TWICE's Japanese MV for "TT" right here and see if you can spot all the Easter eggs.

For those who need a hand spotting the Easter Eggs, here's a handy guide for you:

***** SPOILERS AHEAD *****



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