4. He's signed to Jay Park's label, AOMG (and both will be here soon!)
22 Jun 2017 - 1:52 PM  UPDATED 22 Jun 2017 - 1:52 PM

Loco is one of the most talented rappers currently working in South Korea, and with the superstar heading to Australia for the RapBeat show in July, let's get acquainted with the mega-talented rapper before he arrives Down Under!

7. He's won a Melon Music Award!

It was in the "Best OST" category for his track "Spring Is Gone by Chance," which was on "The Girl Who Sees Smells" OST!

6. He has collaborated with a wide-range of artists

From Crush and Jay Park to Eric Nam and Far East Movement, Loco has made beautiful music with a heap of talented people!

5. He used to have a really bad stutter as a kid

Hip-hop helped Loco with his stutter as he idolised rappers who have the courage to say anything they wanted, and these days he sounds pretty comfortable saying, singing, or rapping anything!

4. He's signed to Jay Park's label, AOMG 

Must be nice working with Jay Park everyday!

3. His stage name "Loco" means crazy in Korean

He was given "Loco" as a stage name because during his university years, he used to drink and get all hyped up before shows!

2. He lost all his hair due to stress

Due to the stress of studying for his exams, as well as the stress of being musically creative, Loco has lost all his hair hence why he always wears a hat or beanie!

1. He won the 1st season of Show Me The Money

And Loco hasn't looked back since!


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