She's designed the cover of an idol album (and 'Bye-Bye, Humanity')!
22 Jun 2017 - 10:14 AM  UPDATED 22 Jun 2017 - 10:14 AM

Manga artist Asami Hagiwara is coming to SMASH! 2017, marking the first Japanese manga artist to attend the convention.

Hagiwara is best known for the comedy series, B-kyuu Cinema Shoujo-gumi in Grindhouse, and Bye-Bye, Humanity, a survival horror manga. She also designed the cover art for J-Pop group Sangatsu no Phantasia’s 

According to SMASH! President Andrew Qiu, the guest list for the 2017 show is the, “biggest and most diverse yet.”

“Since 2007, SMASH! continues to deliver an annual convention that celebrates arts, creativity and Japanese pop culture,” he said. “In the past, fans have encountered a variation of Japanese directors and illustrators [but] this year, Asami’s Hagiwara’s attendance marks the first Japanese manga artist to attend Smash!”

“This will be a great opportunity for aspiring illustrators and manga fans to learn about Hagiwara’s work, and her experience as a manga artist in Japan.”

Hagiwara joins previously revealed guests: the queer cosplay couple, Baozi & Hana, and voice actors Daisuke Sakaguchi (Clannad, Baccano & Persona 5), Shizuka Itoh (Sailor Moon Crystal, Overwatch & Psycho-Pass) and - as of last week - Shiori Mikami (Attack on Titan, YuruYuri & Btooom!).

The Sydney Manga and Anime Show will be held at the Rosehill Gardens on August 19-20.

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