Edging out RADWIMPs and Miyuki Nakajima...
23 Jun 2017 - 11:54 AM  UPDATED 23 Jun 2017 - 11:54 AM

A focus on the big J-pop developments in this week’s SBS PopAsia J-Pop roundup…

Hoshino Gen has 2017’s biggest karaoke song

“Koi” was one of 2016’s most inescapable songs. Hoshino Gen’s darty rocker started life as the theme to a TV drama, but soon mutated into a viral dance craze and one of the year’s most played cuts. And it looks like 2017 has been no different. Joysound, one of Japan’s biggest karaoke companies, named it the top karaoke song of the first half of 2017, edging out RADWIMPs and Miyuki Nakajima.


Pop outfit E-girls recently went through a variety of changes, including a few “graduations” (albeit the members are still staying under the E-girls’ family umbrella...so don’t shed too many tears) and line-up reshuffles. But they aren’t slowing down, releasing new single “Love Queen,” an up-tempo number splitting the difference between Ariana Grande and Morning Musume, with some rap interludes thrown in (plus, really interesting final portion cut off in the video). Watch the group dance around Las Vegas:

Ririka Sutou

No entertainment news story gained as much attention this week as the AKB48 general election, particularly Ririka Sutou’s announcement that she was engaged. In the days following, she’s confirmed that this is happening, and that she will leave NMB48 to focus on a career as a talent. Some of the shock from all this certainly came from the sudden I-am-going-get-married news, but other dissenting voices have focused on the timing of her announcement, at the actual ceremony. Yet with this news, it seems like she basically made a graduation announcement? Which is pretty common.

Anyway, she found ways to flex on the haters via her t-shirt choices the day after this hub-a-baloo happened, channeling Kendrick Lamar.

Chart News

With the last few weeks being dominated by idol outfits and boy bands, seeing long-running rockers B’z top Oricon’s singles charts feels slightly refreshing, until you remember they have been around for decades, so of course they are going to sell enough to take the top spot. On the album side, singer/songwriter Motohiro Hata took number one with a best-of set.

Video Of The week

Wonky outfit yahyel have stood out in recent years thanks to their electronic-pop, and they have the visuals to back it up. New single “Iron” comes with an appropriately artsy video, check it out below.

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