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30 Jun 2017 - 11:05 AM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2017 - 11:05 AM

What happens when both you and your other half are huge K-pop fans? You do a massive K-pop dance mashup for your wedding celebration of course!

A bride and groom, from Sydney, treated their wedding guests to a surprise dance cover medley of 13 K-pop songs for their wedding dance. The track-list included songs from Girls' Generation, GOT7, Seventeen, Twice, EXID and more.

Check out their wedding video below! Starts from 1:05.


We also had a chat to the bride Tracey, on how she and her husband Daniel prepared for their epic wedding dance performance. 

Q. Who came up with the idea? 

Both of us. We happened to think about it at the exact same time and thought it was a great idea.

Q. Are you both originally K-pop fans?

Daniel was a K-pop fan first back in 2009 when we had just started university.  After we graduated, he introduced me to K-pop and I started getting into it. I found the songs to be really catchy so now I'm a huge K-pop fan.

[Side note: How cute is that! The husband introduced the wife to K-pop. ]

Q. Which K-pop groups are you guys fans of?

We're both huge fans of Girls' Generation and Twice. I'm also a fan of Mamamoo and Blackpink. I really like Blackpink's new song, "As If It's Your Last." We're more into girl groups than boy groups but Daniel also listens to BTS and Monsta X

Q. What made you decide to do a medley instead of just covering one full song?

We couldn't decide what particular song we wanted to dance to. We had different ideas about which songs we wanted to do and we thought we'd just put them all together instead, one after another, haha.  

Q. Did your guests know about the K-pop dancing beforehand?

No, they were actually really shocked. No one knew about it until the first song came on. They also didn't realise how long it would be! 

Q. How did you learn the dances? Did you go to a dance studio to practice?

No, we just learnt it at home, straight from the bands' dance practices on YouTube.

Q. How long did it take for you guys to practice for the performance?

I started learning the dances about 12 months beforehand and Daniel learnt it about 3 months before.

Q. Had you or Daniel done other K-pop dance covers before this?

No, we hadn't done any K-pop dance covers before this. Daniel has some dancing background as he did jazz and tap back in primary school, so it didn't take him that long to learn. Only about 3 months. I have absolutely zero dance experience and I have two left feet so I needed 12 months to learn it. Also, I was wearing a really long red dress and high heels on the night.

Q. How did you dance in that dress and heels?! It must've been hard.

Yeah, the floor was really slippery and I had to be careful. 

Q. How come you decided to wear a red dress?

I wanted to look a bit different on the night and red in Asian culture represents good fortune and luck. Also, red was part of our colour theme for the wedding.

Q. Will you be going to any of the upcoming K-pop concerts?

Maybe KCON, depending on who's performing.

Q. Who do you want to see come to Australia next?

We really want Girls' Generation and Twice to come. If we had to pick a boy group, I wouldn't mind 2PM. Daniel's also a fan of Infinite and we both like listening to SHINee


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