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Eat Your Kimchi thinks netizens need to be less harsh in their accusations and to be less negative.
27 Jun 2017 - 2:03 PM  UPDATED 27 Jun 2017 - 2:03 PM

With the rapid rise of the internet in the past two decades, one of the things that have come out of this is the development of online communities, whom are colloquially called "netizens."

While a majority people are cordial with each other online, Eat Your Kimchi have noticed that there's been a recent rise in toxic and negative online netizen behaviour, especially with the recent incident involving BIGBANG T.O.P.

Following T.O.P's recent incident involving marijuana, Simon and Martina have noted that netizens have been particularly unforgiving. Despite the rapper's considerable popularity and influence for his role in BIGBANG, the duo have noticed that netizens and online communities have been particularly harsh and negative on the whole incident, so much so that Simon feels that some simply revel in shaming people.

It isn't even serious incidents like T.O.P's where netizens have reveled in shaming those involved. Simon and Martina noted that something as simple as Girls' Generation's Tiffany's unintentional mistake in posting up a Japanese flag last year resulted in a disproportionate amount of hate and negative comments, something that the duo note is absolutely ridiculous when compared to the so-called "offense."

In short, online netizen communities have become considerably negative and toxic in recent years, and people simply need to be less harsh and negative.

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