The BIGBANG leader wants to present himself as "Kwon Ji Yong" rather than "G-Dragon" this time around.
28 Jun 2017 - 12:43 PM  UPDATED 28 Jun 2017 - 12:43 PM

30 is a big milestone age for anyone to hit. For G-Dragon, it is a time of self-reflection in the form of his new self-titled solo album (and arguably his most personal work yet), "Kwon Ji Yong."

In a new interview with Elle, the BIGBANG leader opened up his motivation behind making his new album, naming it after his real-life name, as well as his life as "G-Dragon." 

For the BIGBANG leader, there is a difference between the persona of "G-Dragon" and "Kwon Ji Yong." While “G-Dragon is full of self-confidence and he is a fancier and stronger person," the BIGBANG leader reveals that "Kwon Ji Yong is an introvert guy who has many thoughts in his mind and who wants to rely on family and friends. Kwon Ji Yong is searching for the comfort and reliable people that G-Dragon doesn’t have offstage.

In a career that's lasted over a decade now, there have been many brilliant moments over the course of G-Dragon's life. But to him, he simply feels fortunate that his time as "G-Dragon" is not a dream and that persona has existed since he was 13. While "he may be physically weaker than in the past," the BIGBANG leader's "mentality is stronger than ever before." Ultimately, G-Dragon thinks that this time was very meaningful, especially when looking back on these days later on in life.

Lastly, G-Dragon opened up about his different approach towards his new album and solo tour, saying that while "Kwon Ji Yong has acted G-Dragon on the stage," this time sees G-Dragon act as Kwon Ji Yong, which has proved to be an experience that's "hard, awkward, and cautious.

It doesn't matter if you are "Kwon Ji Yong" or "G-Dragon," we'll love you all the same!


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