The C-pop star intends to talk more about females on her new album, which promises to be an exciting new direction in her music.
29 Jun 2017 - 11:58 AM  UPDATED 29 Jun 2017 - 4:59 PM

C-pop superstar Jolin Tsai is one of Asia's most popular artists, having captured the imagination of millions with her music and fashion sense. Not only is she one of the leading figures in C-pop, Tsai is one of the most popular gay icons in Asia, something that she has been recognised for in her music.

As Pride Month in America nears its end, Tsai spoke to Billboard about her thoughts on being one of Asia's most popular gay icons, saying that while she didn't intend to be an idol for any specific group of people, she's just glad she is able to express all the things she cares about in her music.

When asked what brought about all the representation of LGBTQIA+ couples and relationships in her music and MVs, the singer says that she has many LGBTQIA+ friends and fans, and all their stories and emotions inspired elements of her videos and songs. While Asia has traditionally held a conservative stance in regards to LGBTQIA+ lifestyles, Tsai has expressed optimism about the state of LGBTQIA+ issues in the Asian public due to increased media and social media coverage, thus more people will be paying more attention. 

Ultimately, Tsai sees herself simply as a friend to the LGBTQIA+ community and whenever they have something to say, she listens and tries to support them in anyway possible. As for what's next, while same-sex marriage is legal in her home country of Taiwan, Tsai thinks there is more work to be done as discrimination still exists in many people's minds, and spreading the right values and messages can help instill understanding among everyone.

In terms of her music, fans should get excited because the singer intends to talk more about females on her new album, which promises to be an exciting new direction in her music.


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