These 3 trainees were oh so close to being part of TWICE.
30 Jun 2017 - 10:21 AM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2017 - 10:23 AM

Ever since the JYP competition show "SIXTEEN" ended back in 2015, we've been wondering what the trainees who were sadly cut from TWICE have been up to since. Well we now have our answer for 3 trainees, NattyEunseo, and Jiwon.

Mnet recently released a new teaser clip for its upcoming girl group production show, "Idol School," and fans have noticed that a number of former "SIXTEEN" contestants (Natty, Eunseo, and Jiwon) were participating in this new program, thus sparking some speculation over whether the girls had left JYP.

In a new statement from the producers of "Idol School," it was confirmed that Natty, Eunseo, and Jiwon had indeed left JYP and are currently unsigned to any company. The producers also confirmed that the trio are also participating in "Idol School" as non-celebrities, but will have the chance to debut in a new girl group should they survive the show.

Fingers crossed for the trio and all the girls involved with "Idol School!" 


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