The trainee is involved with the BIGBANG rapper's marijuana case.
30 Jun 2017 - 9:12 AM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2017 - 9:13 AM

Yesterday saw T.O.P's first drug trial to take place, which resulted in a 2 year probation sentence. During the closing arguments of the trial, the BIGBANG rapper's lawyer reportedly gave a closing statement that indirectly confirmed that T.O.P was in a relationship with the trainee whom he had smoked marijuana with.

T.O.P's lawyer stated that at the time of the incident last October, "T.O.P was in an unstable place psychologically and met the trainee for drinks. He was very intoxicated at the time and decided impulsively [to smoke marijuana]. He admits to all the charges and is very remorseful for his actions. T.O.P acted the way he did following the trainee’s suggestions after drinking. After breaking up with the trainee, T.O.P stopped smoking marijuana.

In response to T.O.P's lawyer's statement about the rapper's relationship with the trainee, YG Entertainment released a short statement on the matter and said that “Beyond what information has been released from the court, it is difficult to confirm anything.

T.O.P then gave an apology for his actions, saying “I sincerely apologize to everyone I have hurt or disappointed through this incident. I have made an irreversible mistake because of my unstable mental state and am reflecting deeply upon my actions. This incident is the worst moment of my life and I am regretting it terribly. I will receive my punishment readily and make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.


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