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30 Jun 2017 - 12:48 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2017 - 12:48 PM

A focus on the big J-pop developments in this week’s SBS PopAsia J-Pop roundup…


Everyone could use a little motivation, including the entire nation of Japan. DEADLIFT LOLITA, a duo featuring the always energetic Ladybeard and Reika Saiki, offers just that in the springy “Pump Up Japan.” It’s a rallying cry of sorts, the duo pointing out all the great things the country has to offer the world over guitar riffs and synthesizer candyfloss. It features a nifty lounge interlude and guitar solo. Listen below:


Ever wonder why Japanese music isn’t as celebrated as, say, K-pop? Part of it might be how labels only upload clips of music videos lasting just over a minute and 30 seconds. Case in point, THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE’s latest, “Dirty Disco,” boasts a very short clip online. But the song itself sounds like some nice, slippery disco music, taking cues from Bruno Mars“24K Magic” but making it work within the biggie-sized groups dynamics. Wish you could listen to it all! But check it out below:

Sony bringing back vinyl record pressing!

The sales of records in Japan, like many parts of the world, have risen significantly in recent years. As a result, Sony will start pressing records for the first time since the late 1980s. It’s a big move in a country with only one pressing plant, and shows just how popular this format - once thought of being over - is.

Dream Ami

Former member of E-girls (but still part of the E-girls family, so don’t get too sad) Dream Ami shared a new video this week, one fashioned after a smartphone recording of a day in the lovey-dovey life. It’s a slower number featuring bell chimes and violin. Listen below.

Chart News

Usually, Johnny’s boy bands always take the top spots on the Oricon charts, and the singles list this week confirms that Johnny’s West easily got to number one. But, an upset on the album side of things! Heavier rock outfit Acid Black Cherry beat A.B.C-Z, showing that sometimes the charts can surprise you.

Video of the Week

Idol outfit You’ll Melt More! hypnotise a restaurant full of people in their clip for “Moi Moi.” The song is a bit dialed-in for a group known for going off in much stranger sonic directions, but the accompanying video of them waving noodles at people makes up for it.

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